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Yester-Year WIP Challenge
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As some of you know, I’ve been visiting the deep dark corners of my closet…The Quilt Monster has been protesting, grumbling, and making funny noises, as I reach in and find things I haven’t touched in 5 or more years.   {Those noises are actually coming from me…*giggle*}

There are some amazing projects that we have buried in our Boxes, Bags, & Closets.  A few that we haven’t touched in quite a few years… We LOVED them when we originally made them.  We had every intention of finishing them…We just got side-tracked with something new we wanted to try..like a new pattern, new ruler, new technique and the original project was put on the back burner.. and then removed from the stove all together. *sad face*

Well I want to start a challenge and hoping you will join me. I’m not saying you have to pull out all your old projects out and work on all of them…. I know I have at least 3 current projects – if not more, as I am always working on and/or adding to – but I want us to pull One of those Yester-Year Projects out and work on it, right along with all the fun NEW projects we are working on now.  Are you in?  Don’t start stressing..I am hoping to make this easy…

Let’s go over some Yester-Year Guidelines…

{Not Rules..because to me Rules sounds so Harsh}

1.  Try to work on a project that is at least 5 years old…. If you don’t have something that old (I’m Jealous) that’s okay, work on something you haven’t worked on for a Long Time.  {It doesn’t have to be quilting, and if you are new to quilting…that’s okay… just get that project out that you haven’t finished and share with us!!}  Remember…The Older the Better.

2. Our goal is to get the YesterYear projects finished… a good faith attempt is what I am after, even if you just show us the progress that you’ve made *wink*.

3.  When it’s time to link your blog post on the 5th…. Please report on how old the project is….or…If you haven’t finished it… how far along you are, and when you might be done.

4.  Remember this is to be fun! No Stress allowed!

5.  Visit your fellow bloggers post and encourage the finishing of their Projects too!  We all love words of encouragement!!!

6.  Enjoy a piece of Chocolate and a cup of Coffee as you visit.

7.  Add a link in your blog post to the Linky Party.  That way others can find us and join in the Challenge. *wink*

Remember NO STRESS and have fun finding those hidden treasures to work on!

Here’s a NEW BUTTON!!!! You can grab the code for your blog if you’d like!  Spread the word…Linky Party on the 5th of every month!!!  I’d like to thank CoolText for the Button.

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